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Ljubljana can be reached by:

- plane - Ljubljana-Brnik Airport (~20 min from city center) has frequent connections to several European cities.

Taxi from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana center (one way) costs around 35 EUR. Alternatively, shuttles (Markun Company) are available (around 10 EUR). There are bus connections from the airport to the Ljubljana Bus Station as well (see bus line "Letališče Ljubljana" to "Ljubljana avtobusna postaja").

Other airports within 150 km from Ljubljana are: Trieste-Ronchi (Italy), Klagenfurt (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia), and Graz (Austria). Frequent shuttle connections with the company GoOpti run between these airports and Ljubljana.

- train - Slovenske železnice is the national railway company. Information on international travel can be found here.

- bus - For international bus lines to Ljubljana Bus Station see.

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